You’ve Captured My Attention – Why nostalgia works

by Amanda Gomes

We are now in a time of remembering the 90’s (my childhood) so I’m finally starting to understand product nostalgia.

As we were brainstorming for a campaign in the tech industry, old school technology was mentioned as a theme for us. And it really just clicked because who doesn’t like remembering and laughing at the products we used in the past.  VHS stored all my favorite Disney movies.  I was in grade 9 with my first cell phone that had a 5 mega pixel camera, I even remember the jealousy of seeing a friend with the very first IPOD , a brick of a player that only held 100 songs (at the time that was tons), but it sure beat the disc man I was holding.

A lot of times in advertising the feelings evoked are just as critical as the product. In my opinion sometimes this is missed when selecting products.

Products that hold memories capture our attention and that is really what advertising is about.  It doesn’t have to just be about old school technology, it can be a box of Candy from the 70’s, a wire telephone or maybe a vinyl journal from an old band in the 60’s.

So next time your wondering what kind of products to give away at event think about something that is really going to make people stop and say “I remember when…”


by Amanda Gomes

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