Why we (heart emoji) working with millennial clients

At Patterson Brands we get to work with many Millennial clients. And, we have Millennial team members too (looking at you Amanda!). Here’s why we love working with Millennial clients.

Time Magazine

Let’s address the elephant in the blogpost. There is a myth that Millennials live and work online and make all their buying decisions online. Yes, of course, they do considerable research online. And, they lend heavy credence to online product reviews. But if you think they only want to order from web services, you are missing a great opportunity to serve.

In our experience they don’t want to buy custom promotional products online. Creative industry clients such as film production and agencies need collaborative service providers. Someone to help them source, design and ship the best product possible. Don’t think of it as “hand-holding” (sounds patronizing), but these Millennial clients are asking for our help. They want to look like superstars with their colleagues, bosses and clients.
When I asked one of our Millennial clients, “Why do you like working with us, as opposed to ordering product off the internet?”
She didn’t even miss a beat: “We care way too much about our brand to order off the internet.”   Bingo, nailed it!

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