Is a Showroom so 1996? Not for us.

The Who had it right when they sang See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me.  That’s why in this age of social media, video skype, online this & that we still have an old-fashioned show-room at the Patterson Brands office.  Simply: so you can see, feel and touch the products you want to use to incentivize employees, reward loyalty or brand your company.


What people say they like about Patterson Brands is our branding & design expertise coupled with personalized service. Part of our personalized service is being able to host current and prospective clients in a 2,500 square foot showroom and have them see, touch and feel the products they may want to purchase.  And having all those products available to us at a moments glance helps us design better products and help position our clients brands.  The showroom doubles as a workshop for us to do our jobs better.

Front Area, Showroom. Fall & Winter Jackets on Display

To book a real or virtual appointment in our showroom never hesitate to call Patterson Brands at 1-877-663-1612 or email rich [at]

Gifts & Hard Goods in the Foreground, more apparel in the background.

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