Good Design & Color go hand-in-hand

by Amanda Gomes

A few weeks ago at a meeting we saw a hat with a new decoration technique. We were so excited to show our customers how awesome it looked. We ordered sample online and waited for it to be shipped.

As soon as it got to the office, we opened up the box and there sat the same hat with the same logo but instead of being grey the hat was red. We were NOT a fan of it. We could never show our customers this hat. How are we expected to sell it? This is a lesson in how one tweak in design can make a product either a hit or a miss.

For us this hat was a total hit. But when we saw it in red it was a complete miss.  I think when you have an awesome product with bad design it really becomes a bad product.

Some things that can effect design and that you should think about are :

–        Do the colors compliment each other (not clash against each other)

–       Are the space & text aligned

–       Review for any typos, grammar, or usage errors

–       Try some A / B testing with two different designs and some trusted friends and colleagues — who likes what?


by Amanda Gomes

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