Customer firings that benefit you AND the client.

Is the customer is always right? Must every coffee shop offer wi-fi? Should your small biz offer every feature and service the competitors offer, even if you lose money? NO, I say!  

Recently, I saw my pal Darrel from Decorative Plasters & Painting post on FB that he had fired a client. Good on him, I thought. A few weeks ago we cancelled a five year webstore contract with Men in Kilts after contract re-negotiations hit an impasse. They wanted many new webstore features and I was willing to meet most of their requests but there were a couple of deal-killers. So, we agreed to part ways.

Dr. Evil is Dr. Wrong

The Customer is Always Right?

Not every client is right for you. But, there IS a right partner for them out there. Moving on can be a win-win for both parties. Men in Kilts found a large multinational partner in the promotional products arena and we wish them all the best. We got creative, financial and physical space freed up so we can work with the next-right-client.

I was out on the road the other day with 45 minutes to kill before I had to visit the movie studio for “Predator” (my fave movie of all time — get to the choppa!!).  It was a great time to grab a coffee and clear some emails off my Mac. I walked into Foodies on Board in Burnaby B.C. and asked for a large coffee and the wi-fi password. “We don’t have wi-fi” was the response. Did I get huffy, heck no! I thought “good on you:” you know your lane, your clients, and your margins. To Foodies on Board its not worth having some schlub like me sit there with my $3 coffee on their time, table and coffee.

Even when I'm right, I'm wrong.

The most handsome man in the world.

I don’t begrudge these business decisions, I celebrate them. So, who are you going to fire? Who will you release? What dumb costly feature or service will you cancel? Comment below or tag us to share…

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