Case Study #1 – Upcycled Vinyl LPs

Rock themed Wall Street event spurs hunt for perfect vintage album feel

 Patterson Brands founder, Rich Patterson, was roaming through the exhibitors at a Chicago trade show in July 2016 when he spotted Vinyl Lux. He was instantly inspired by their unique products; upcycled vinyl LPs in the form of journals, bowls, clocks, and other cool stuff.

When Rich returned to Vancouver, a longtime friend and client called. He was heading to NYC in a month for a Wall Street conference and wanted four hundred gifts that would wow conference goers. The conference theme was Grateful Dead—in all its tie-dyed, rock music glory. Rich knew the perfect product for this occasion.

The Result: 

Patterson brands created 400 journals using the upcycled LPs. As the client wanted their own custom label, we designed a Grateful Dead inspired (but not trademark infringing) label that carried our clients branding. The client and conference organizer reported back to us that the journals were a huge hit!

Vinyl LP Journal

About Vinyl Lux Vintage Vinyl Design

Mission statement: Vinylux transforms vintage records into a variety of new designs, bringing vinyl records back into the home.

Company Story:

Jeff Davis began molding vinyl as part of his graduate school thesis project. During this endeavor, he discovered that he could mold the records into new innovative objects, all the while preserving the look of their original vinyl. In 2002, Davis founded Vinyl Lux Vintage Vinyl Design.

Every year, Vinyl Lux recycles and reuses 150,000 records that come from record stores, dealers, and people’s homes. Additionally, all record scraps that are left unused after the molding process get sent to vinyl pressing plants to get re-made into new records! Their work includes coasters, journals, clocks, and puzzles, to name a few.  See the full Vinyl product line here.