My 30 year-old running shoes. Brand or Style Loyalty (or both)?

Beyond brand loyalty is style loyalty. You like Levi’s but you love their 501. You won’t wear anything but 501’s on your butt. I want to share my own style loyalty story and some examples of our client’s years-long loyalty to certain uniform styles.
I’m not a runner. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s met me. But I have run before. I even ran a lot at one time in my life. I wanted to play football so I decided to lose some weight by running. I went to a Canadian retail institution: The Running Room to get proper running shoes. It was 1991.
Love this shoe!

Asics Gel Exalt 2014 & 2018 Editions

The guy at the store took one look at me (huge!), watched my run/walk gait and recommended a “movement” shoe for pronators: the Asics Gel Exalt. The Asics was expensive at the time (like $180) but I needed a good shoe.
Turns out, it was a great shoe! And it started my nearly-30 year loyalty to Asics Gel Exalt. I should have kept count but I can ballpark it at about 20 pairs owned. For running and long-distance walking I won’t wear anything else.
One Patterson Brands’ long-term clients is Vancouver-based Provident Security. Provident provides high-touch, high-end commercial and residential security to the area’s best properties. Provident owner Mike Jagger wanted uniforming better than typical yellow nylon security slickers.

We sourced an advanced technical Stormtech shell jacket with bold decorating. Provident mobile guards used the same jacket for over five years until it was recently cancelled. They reported the jacket was weather-proof and always made their guards look great. We are days away from finalizing a new replacement — an even better jacket than the original.

Jackets for all weather.

Provident Security Mobile Guards sport Jacket

Another long-term client is in-home seniors care experts Nurse Next Door (NND). Over 200 NND franchise partners access uniform, gifts and apparel through our webstore. The top selling style on the webstore is this North End Vest. We have offered it for over 8 years on the webstore and see no sign changing soon. The vented vest comes in specific ladies and men’s fit, is light weight and a great layering piece. NND franchise partners use it to take Hospital meetings and caregivers wear it while serving.
Great Layering Piece Vest

Nurse Next Door Vests on patrol!

Just like my Asics and your 501’s, you can (and should) find great long-term apparel items to brand your company. We can help. Promotional products and custom apparel need not be a one-shot flash-in-the-pan endeavour. With help, you can have great promotional products or uniform item now and 5 years from now. – rich patterson

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